Intelligent sponsor- and partnerships

We have a strong vision to find new ways to show the value of cultural sponsorships.

This year, however, we take intelligent partnerships to the next level together with a strong team of data researchers. By mapping digital behavior and shared interactions between cultural events/organizations and commercial partners we can visualize users’ habits, interests and behavior patterns to reveal trends and insights we have previously been unable to see. In doing so, we can understand how to best and most efficiently involve commercial partners in specific cultural events/organizations and create proven value for both actors.

Cultural business development

We work with funds and donors to find new ways of supporting cultural and social projects and ensure solid exit strategies for the projects after the funding period.

Our work focus mainly on business development, new income streams and network.

Further, we run two Maker Programs for young cultural entrepreneurs all over Denmark. The programs focus on business development within the cultural industries, building network and understanding the ecosystems to help creating viable careers for the participants. 

Nordic la
Los Angeles

We are building a creative powerhouse in Los Angeles, where Nordic and US artists and creative business people connect, work and inspire each other to fuel their daily drive to create their dreams and opportunities. 

Nordic LA will provide the only creative soft-landing workspace in Los Angeles, California for citizens of Nordic countries, creating a bridge between LA and the Nordic countries. Nordic LA will be a leading launchpad for Nordic art, music, fashion, food, design and businesses.