Our Walk App

At VOLCANO we believe that the future of our cities will be more beautiful, inclusive and sustainable, when many voices are invited to shape it. This requires enabling more citizens from all walks of life to participate in the creation process.

Our Walk App is VOLCANO’s participatory research tool for mobilizing peoples’ knowledge of their city and make them participate actively in urban development processes. Using the app, citizens take pictures of – and comment on – places and situations that matter to them; things they love and things they would like to be different. In this way they help decision makers uncover previously overlooked potentials for urban development.


What can the app be used for?

Our Walk App can be used as a tool to mobilize citizens’ expertise in various types of processes. You can read more about the use cases of the app here.

How do I use the app?

If you want to understand how the app works, a short introduction can be found here.

The Our Walk App datascape  

VOLCANO has supported the development of a datascape that can visualize the input collected in the app. You can read more about the datascape here.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the app and how it can be used in your own development/engagement project please reach out to us via mail: sara@volcano.nu

You can also download the app and explore the functionalities via the Our Walk App site.