Outdoor Life in CPH

An analysis of Copenhagen’s outdoor spaces to find new, creative ways to promote the city.

What themes and values are associated with outdoor experiences in Copenhagen? This was the question that Wonderful Copenhagen posed Backscatter, driver of our Community Lab. As COVID-19 shut down our abundance of indoor cultural institutions, it was more important than ever to understand how residents of Copenhagen were using the outdoors.

The analysis was based on 255,000 Instagram posts. Hashtags #copenhagen, #berlin, #oslo, or #stockholm were used in combination with #outdoor, #nature, and #outside.

This analysis was used to map the ways outdoor space is perceived and used in Copenhagen when compared to other cities. And it gave some interesting results.

Backscatter’s mapping gave Wonderful Copenhagen inspiration for how city spaces can be used in new and creative ways. We also saw certain city branding elements that can help position Copenhagen as an outdoor destination. Some of the ways the public used these spaces was surprising. A graveyard could be a popular destination to gather with friends for a picnic. A park in the city center is well-manicured, but associated with suspicious activity. The analysis of these spaces showed that the outdoors can be used to restore the tourism industry in our capital.