Home.Earth is a real estate firm with a focus on sustainable development. They wished to investigate Nærheden; a new district in Copenhagen. Home.Earth wanted to get a feel of the area’s potential, seen from the perspective of the current inhabitants. Additionally, they wanted to investigate how Home.Earth could be a catalyst for a lively, active community in the local area.

Backscatter analysed 75,000 conversations found on Facebook groups local to communities in Denmark that are known for their cohesion.

The goal was to answer questions such as; what kinds of patterns can we see in the things residents are interested in, talk about, and value most? What brings people together in this community?

The driver behind out Community Lab, Backscatter, assessed how the different conversations surrounding Nærheden played out on social media. The insights from the analysis allowed Backscatter to develop principles for how leisure and retail growth could be developed in Nærheden, in a way that benefits both the immediate residents and the surrounding area. These valuable insights on the local market will make it easier for businesses to customize their offering of products and services, as they look to open in Nærheden and attract new customers.

The findings provided concrete, data-powered input, to be used for the design of Home.Earth’s retail, cultural, and public space in Nærheden.