Royalties Talentprogram

Royalties is a talent program for young entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries.

VOLCANO has a long history of empowering youth through music and culture. Since 2011, Royalties has been providing the next generation with the tools needed to keep culture and creativity alive in their communities. Royalties has two programs – a music industry course in Copenhagen and a cultural entrepreneur course in Odense. 

Royalties København is a talent program that provides young professionals in music with inspiration, tools and knowledge to navigate within the music industry. Royalties views music as a profession and career path – not only as artistic expression – and seeks to empower its students to take their passion for music and run with it.

Royalties Odense is a recreation of Odense Makers (2016-2019), and although the name and colors are new, the purpose is the same – to inspire and equip young people to work professionally with culture, events and entrepreneurship. The goal is a locally-rooted course that builds bridges between the area’s cultural actors, businesses and young zealots.

We work with four key elements throughout both courses, that lay the foundation for the 10-month program: theory, practice, mentoring, & networking.


Each year, applicants are screened and selected. In Copenhagen everyone from soloists and band members, producers and songwriters, bookers and managers – all who dream of a future in the music industry can benefit from the course. Today, Royalties has 350+ alumni, who are part of the Royalties Community.

In Odense culture and entrepreneurship are understood in a broad sense – we screen musicians, dancers, event organizers, scouts, business developers, sportsagents or something completely different. 

Royalties strongly prioritises creating a sense of community between the participants, in an attempt to reduce the competitive mentality that is often seen within the creative industries. The community we see carry on after the courses, and the success stories we create for young talent, solidifies our belief in using music and culture as a tool for gathering people and giving life to future communities.

Royalties Copenhagen is created by VOLCANO in collaboration with Royal Beer with support from KODA. Royalties Odense is creeated in collaboration with Albani Fonden with support from Anarkist.