Odense Makers

Odense Makers is a talent program for youth hosted by VOLCANO for 3 years in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark. The course consisted of monthly, full-day sessions with presentations, speakers, and workshops, all focused on teaching youth how to plan and develop impactful events.

The course also included ongoing supervision and advisory sessions to support the participants’ personal projects, and provided insight into an internationally inspiring city or event. Through the course we aimed to strengthen participants’ national and international network as an ‘Odense Maker’. Most importantly, Odense Makers is an invitation to take action – we must DO things together! 


Odense Makers continues their journey in 2022, now under the name Royalties Odense. With dreams of making Odense a thriving, active cultural hub, our ambition is to continue to empower young adults in their local community.