Frost Festival

A winter festival combining light installations and music in creative, non-traditional venues across Copenhagen.

The Danish winter can be long, cold, and isolating. Although Denmark is host to many popular music festivals and cultural events, almost all of them take place in the summer. VOLCANO saw the need for light, music, and togetherness during the winter months.


An initiative founded by VOLCANO in 2010, Frost Festival combined light installations and music in new ways. They used non-traditional venues, allowing participants to engage differently with performance and art. The festival included more than twenty exhibitions and concerts. Each transformed an empty space into an embodiment of the performance that was taking place. Everything from light therapy bars to concerts in an empty swimming pool – Frost attracted audiences of all ages, encouraging the public to make use of their everyday surroundings, while renewing curiosity and an interest in the city of Copenhagen.

This may be the epitome of creative placemaking for us; using empty spaces for new, creative purposes that brings the community together. Frost Festival was renowned for bringing light and creativity to such a dark time of year in Denmark.


Volcano is the original creator of Frost Festival, which was later bought and continued to be  executed by external parties until 2018.