Flags Esbjerg

A talent program curated to empower the future culture-makers of Esbjerg.

Esbjerg embarked on a three-year initiative to kickstart cultural growth, aiming to brand themselves as a city with an energetic cultural life, attracting new inhabitants and businesses to the area. Flags Academy is a large contributor to these efforts. With Flags, Smash!Bang!Pow! empowers the next generation to use innovation and event production to form a lively, thriving city that they can be proud of.

VOLCANO curated the program content. Two events involved the youth in production and hosting, followed by a large-scale festival (see above) created entirely by the youth, from fundraising and safety measures to booking and finding sponsors.

We worked based on three key elements:




The first talent program was launched in 2021 and composed of 22 young participants aged 17-30 with the ambition of putting Esbjerg on the map.

Participants are coached in a wide range of entrepreneurial skills such as strategy, management, marketing, and event planning. The course focuses on a large event towards the end of the program – an event that the participants have full responsibility for developing and executing. The reality is that the youth of Esbjerg care about making their local community an exciting place to live. Being part of inspiring and activating this passion is important to VOLCANO and our vision for life in our cities – beyond buildings.

The project is made in collaboration with Smash!Bang!Pow! & supported by local stakeholders.