Creative Industry Event Series

A series of events for creative entrepreneurs and SMEs with international ambitions. The events gave a unique opportunity to showcase to potential partners and investors in the Danish business community as well as high profile individuals from the US.

NordicLA – an international agency powered by VOLCANO – launched a series of Creative Industry Events throughout 2019. Four of the events took place in Denmark, and two in Los Angeles.

The events created a hub for creative entrepreneurs and SMEs with international ambition, allowing them to showcase their business to potential partners, investors, stakeholders and high profile individuals from both Denmark and the US. The series provided creative companies and business-oriented artists the opportunity to meet several established entrepreneurs and advisors from the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Denmark, the Growth Fund, and the Ministry of Culture.

As a follow up, the knowledge collected during the events was shared to all contributors, giving them insights on how to maneuver in the field of tension between business and artistry. In addition to this, we collected the overall findings and produced them in a short report, which you can read on our publications page.

NordicLA’s leading role in this project included taking care of all processes from conceptualization, to planning, to execution of the events, both in the US and Denmark.