DCI GO! is an initiative launched by Danish Creative Industries – a project that VOLCANO is heading in collaboration with Vækstfonden, Industriens Fond, and Lunar. The project in its entirety is based on the huge unleashed potential of bringing creatives and investors together. Therefore, we have launched a series of six events to be conducted over the next year, where the two parties can meet, learn from, and understand each other, and make plans for the future – all on common ground. The events will take place in six different locations around Denmark – cities both big and small, in order to represent as many as possible in Denmark’s creative and cultural spheres.

We are putting the spotlight on the development of Denmark’s creative industries.

Each DCI GO! event has a unique format, curated in order to benefit the participating creative businesses. Through the events, we help match creative businesses with the appropriate investors, by coaching them in pitching, presenting, and networking. The highlight of each event is the pitch round, where the participants have a chance to ‘win’ support – financial and otherwise – from a panel of high profile investors. The rest of the program includes key notes from successful industry professionals, workshops, networking exercises, and free time to let inspiring conversations flow naturally between attendees.

Meet some of the participants and investors on DCI’s blog.


Volcano is the driver of this Danish Creative Industries. We have led every stage of the way; from research, to conceptualization, administration, event planning and execution. Find out more about DCI and see if there will be a DCI GO! event near you in 2022 at danishcreativeindustries.dk.