Nordjyske Mediehus

Nordjyske Medier wants to gain a better understanding of their young adult audience through innovative, participatory methods. 

In collaboration with youth organization SAGA, our Community Lab engages with young adults in Northern Jutland to explore their interests, concerns, habits, and values. This is done through a new form of digital engagement, where the participants get an opportunity to contribute with their perspectives. This is done through the app, Our Walk.

The objective of Nordjyske Medier is to gain more knowledge about young adults (18-29) who live in or have a connection to Nordjylland, in order to be able to produce relevant and engaging content for this target audience. This sparked our alliance with SAGA to create an increased understanding of the groups habits and values via facilitated workshops where the participants can share their thoughts.

By combining existing knowledge and data with a new method that directly involves the participants, 20 young people are involved in the process by generating data through idea and problem solving oriented workshops. By using the app, participants produce data around their interests, opinions and habits by performing different activities in the app. This data then forms the basis upon which the workshops are based where ideas and reflections are generated.

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